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At RIDDEN we aim to capture that feeling of escape, the excitement of riding new trails and routes and of celebrating those big days. We don't care if you're hanging big air or hanging on for your life, RIDDEN has something for you !

Our company

RIDDEN started life in 2014 as a series of one off T-Shirt designs for a group of riders who hit the trails of the Surrey Hills on the weekends. 

Often celebrating some of the best known rides or bigger trips to Afan, the Purbecks or even Tignes – it was all about the feeling of freedom, of  getting away from it’ – rather than technical bike wear.

We started to get a bit of interest from other riders – especially to create designs of their favourite trails and decided to take the jump, launch the site and expand the RIDDEN range to include gifts that the many 1000s of partners, wives & kids of avid bikers might buy.

Great things start from small seeds   

12 months on and were still close to our local roots. Short term, we would love to see the shirts /hoodies down at the Peaslake stores and our trail maps & posters in man (& woman!) caves through Surrey, Kent and Berkshire. 

But were ambitious to expand that, as we meet riders from different areas, we will expand our Rides section and design creations. If you want to get involved, get in touch with drew@ridden.cc

Bespoke designs & Limited editions

Our aim is to create something a little different , something a bit special to remember that big ride.

Most of our Prints are limited editions – we only produce 50-100 and then they’re gone… which means they are great gifts or something special for the home or bike shed. We also aim to use quality materials – so that your purchase lasts the test of time in the washer !


Any of our products and designs can be tailored to make them truly unique. We have a number of options in terms of bespoke design ranging from :

  • Creating a GPX trail design (similar in style to ‘Barry Knows Best’ in our range)
  • Adding a back design/print , potentially with a trip, trail names or your riding team
  • Adapting a print design for a gift or special occasion

Please email info@ridden.cc with your idea, trail GPX or names and we will get back to you with 48 hours.

For more info on pricing and leadtimes, see BESPOKE in our product listings or  click here.

Supporting Friends of the Hurtwood

Weve had years of great rides over at Hurtwood/Holmbury and all the team at RIDDEN want to support the work of FOTH and the guys that maintain our local trails over in Peaslake.  So we are giving 10% of our profits to the charity.


Some people might call us weekend warriors, probably hanging on for dear life than hanging big air!  We love the energy and release you find with people on the trails, the feeling of escapism and discovery as you find that new ride.

Day to day, were designers, website builders & ecommerce folk- which weve looked to put together to create Ridden.cc. 

We’re a small team, do get in touch !


6ft 7″ of design & creative pedalling

The creative and design lead behind Ridden, Drew started designing t-shirts aged 10 and took that into a career as a Creative Director in the London agency world. Now coming full circle, he started to play with ideas to capture all the quirky Peaslake trails and things grew from there. Not easily missed on his XXXL Specialised, he is not a bad navigator and great person to meet if you are wayward in the Surrey Hills

Fave rides Vauxhall Supernova, Evian, Leith Hill road climb

All time low Re-coding all of the site to our new Secure shopping platform


Ideas & numbers guy [bit slow up hills]

Started off early on mountain’ bikes, with the Grifter & Raleigh Bomber, then Marin and has kept the passion. As well as creating new ideas for RIDDEN, Bob makes sure our customers are happy, orders get delivered and looks for new ways to get the RIDDEN name out there.

Fave rides Purbecks around Corfe; Yoghurt pots (Peaslake)

All time low Face plant 15 minutes into Bike Park Wales


After using pedal power to get to work for the past couple of years, Vicky is a recent convert to the joys of going off road. Vicky harbours a passion to open up a massive indoor bike park for kids, think a soft play zone with ramps, drops and wheels! Vicky is our marketing guru as well as in touch with our bike widows / gift customers.

Fave rides Family friendly trails in Surrey and coastal trails in Cornwall.

All time low Being told the likely investment to open an indoor bike park